Chapter 1. Part 1

Mr Bocker looked down upon Jason, Jeremy and Ben in his office. His desk was completely empty and the highly shined acrylic surface reflected the word PRINCIPAL into the dark fake mahogany finish. The three boys, all 10 years old sat in silence. Unsure of what they had done although all their minds were spinning endless possibilities and stories already. Complete with new storylines about how it wasn’t their fault that the window by the Cafeteria was broken, it was just little pebbles they were flicking with their fingernails. Or how they didn’t know that Dan had hit his head when they were playing king of the mountain on the slide. They had certainly done a lot wrong to all be sitting in the Principal’s office. The question was what had they all done together which warranted such a special meeting with all of them together.

Mr Bocker took his glasses off and they clinked onto his desk. He inhaled deeply as he rubbed his eyes. “Shit” Jeremy thought “We’ve really fucked up now” Jason thought “Look at him put on this show” Ben thought. Mr Bocker leaned forward, his hands intertwined, his elbows now on the desk and he began to address his captives. “Guys, I know you’re leaders” he started off, immediately getting everyone’s attention in what they all thought was a nice change of events. He continued “Other students here look up to what you guys do, the games you initiate, what was the name of that game you were all playing last week? Kiss them and Kill them?” Jeremy murmured “Kiss or Kill” unsure if he was allowed to speak. “Ahh, yes, Kiss or Kill, what a lovely game that is isn’t it. You chase girls and then give them the choice of kissing you or getting punched…. Do you realize how hard this sort of shit is to defend to the other parents during Parent Teacher conferences?” The boys were all stunned, completely oblivious to the possibly gender inequality issues which the game entailed, let alone why Mr Bocker would even have to defend what they did. Ben’s face widened a bit, trying to hold back a smile. They were all thinking the same thing in their heads and that was the simple fact that Mr Bocker just said Shit. Mr Bocker continued, realizing that he had just screwed it up by swearing. He tried to regain some of his authority as he continued “But that’s not why we are here today guys. Nope. As I said before the reason why we are here is because you are all leaders. And as leaders you have certain responsibilities. The largest of which is not to exclude other students. Do you know what it is to exclude people?” Jason raised his hand. “Yes, Jason” Mr Bocker responded. “Excluding someone means you don’t let em play with you”. “Ahh yes, very good Jason. You’re right. It means when you don’t let someone play with you.” My Bocker’s hand searched for something in one his drawers. He pulled out a teal colored notebook which had the words “The Club” erased into the cover. Erasing words into notebook covers was common practice and you could see everything from Motley Crue on the metal heads to NKOTB on the girls. Mr Becker pointed to the words as he continued “This Club ends now. Got it guys? It ends NOW” He then symbolically threw the notebook into the trash can. But Mr Bocker wasn’t through with them yet “We’ve got a new student coming in today. He comes from a little bit of a different background than you guys. He hasn’t had it easy. And what I want you to do is simply make him feel welcome. I’m not saying that you have to be his best friend, just keep an eye out for him and try to INCLUDE him in your games. Of course any game besides that Kiss and Kill” “Kiss or Kill” Ben responded with an air of defiance. “Right, of course. Kiss or Kill Ben” Mr Bocker said as he eyed Ben, knowing full well that he was a little brat. “What subject do you have now?” Mr Bocker asked “Life Science” Jeremy replied. “Well, run along then back and disect some frogs or whatever it is you’re doing” Mr Bocker stated. “We’re learning about Amoeba’s right now. Single celled organisms which have been on the earth since the dawn of time. Millions of years ago” Jason said, always taking advantage of any chance to talk about science. Ben and Jeremy both glanced at each other and smiled knowing full well what a dork Jason was. Mr Bocker opened his door and the Secretary, Ms Pollock, from across the room looked up at him as the boys walked out. He gave her a head nod as if he had just taken care of business and she smiled back at him. As Jeremy walked by he smiled and stated “Good Morning Ms Pollock” to which she replied “Good morning Jeremy, you stay out of trouble now” She said with a smile. Jeremy shrugged his shoulders and smiled as he ran up the stairs in a race against his other two comrades. Skipping one step with each leap. “No Running!” Mr Bocker shouted from below, shaking his head.

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