In the train

Jacob and katie walked back from the hotdog stand near the metro.
‘get some sauerkraut up in this bith homie” Jacob said, as he grabbed a full handful of Katie’s juicy ass.

The hotdog man grunted back

“Aint no sauerkraut up in this here bitch lessin you a hog or a cattle”

Dumbfounded, Jacob’s grip began to loosen upon Katie’s ass. He knew that it was finally time to take action. That he had put up with enough throughout the years, his time working fo, but nonetheless r Seymore, at the glue factory. Seymore. That fucking pig. FUCK SEYMORE!

“Hey bud!”

He blurted

“How bout you suck the fat off a lard’s ass you fucking pig”

The hotdog man lay defenseless. THroughout all of his years, he had never once felt the sting of Jacob’s words. Not only because they resonated with his most adolescent and naive self, when he lived a life previous crossstictching pillows in aunt Lilly’s factory. Where a days worth of work would buy you enough to catch a train home. But also because hotdog man knew they both came from the same place. His mom’s pussy. And at hat moment hotdog man put out his hand to Jacob, and with this gesture he uttered “May you ever last in peace”

The words, had not been well thought out but nonetheless he knew that the impact had been made. There would be sauerkraut on this hotdog, and he knew damn well why. But in opposition to his own programming and semblance to reality, he continued. “Give me five on that bitch and I give you five fifty”…refrain..”and give me nine on that bitch and I’ll give mine thrifty”.
scratch it with your finger nail, . half it again, and then rip it again, and then half it again, and then rip it again, and then half it again, and then rip it again. but you’ll still end up at the same place. sending texts to some ne erdowell from the south side at all hours of the night”

This woman is fucking nuts. There’s no imaginary hairs on your jacket. Stop taking them off.Bobbling bulbs bounce past the window and blow up the periperral vision. Why. Why. Why keep ripping that paper. seriousl. what the fuck are you doing .

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