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Chapter 1. Part 1

Mr Bocker looked down upon Jason, Jeremy and Ben in his office. His desk was completely empty and the highly shined acrylic surface reflected the word PRINCIPAL into the dark fake mahogany finish. The three boys, all 10 years old sat in silence. Unsure of what they had done although all their minds were spinning

Chapter 1. Part 2

Mr Washington was giving a lecture about the asexual reproduction of eukaryotes as the boys wandered back to their desks. Which had been put on opposite sides of the classroom in an attempt to keep them separate and therefore minimize any sort of conspiracies they’d hatch if they sat too close together. Equidistant from all


Listen Download as Short Story Ebook Brett clenched two wooden poles which supported a large banner. The sound of the subway hummed as he felt the eyes of everyone else on the train. They knew that today there was a large protest scheduled for 911 Truth, and that Brett was one of those “crazy

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